Can acronis wd edition backup to an external hard drive

I read in this thread (posted by bill_s who seems to be a WD rep)

that acronis-wd-edition could only clone internal to internal meaning that you can’t use an external hard drive to backup to.

Is this correct?

You are correct, the Acronis True Image, WD Edition, can only “clone” from a internal drive to another internal drive. Now, as stated by Bill, it is not supposed to clone to an external drive, it might work, but is not supported.

Now, if you wish to “backup” (not the same as cloning) to an external drive, it should work without any issue.

Thanks.  I didn’t realise there was a difference.  I want to backup my hard drive so that if the drive dies, I can restore it back to where it was using a backup on an external drive.  I want to get back all my applications and configurations and the whole setup of my computer back to the way it was when I did the backup.  Is that possibe using acronis wd edition?

I have used it to make  Images not a clone of the drive on an external HD. Some other free ones are Macrium Reflect ahd Paragon Backup and Recovery. I use the paid Acronis and make backup from the rescue CD.