BUG Syncing Folders Breaks when renaming cloud folder

I wanted to bring to light that when you sync a folder from a computer it creates a folder on the cloud my cloud device for that computer. It give the folder a general name like “Sync from desktop”. If you rename this folder to something more meaningful like “Sync from my MacBook” it breaks the sync connection unless you change the name back to the original “Sync from desktop”.

What drives me even more nuts, is if you sync a folder from another computer to your account, it will name it “Sync from desktop (1)”… If i have to keep the folders named like that, my OCD might drive me insane.

It’s a simple request here.
PLEASE allow us to update the name of the sync folder in the my cloud home device to be more meaningful than the generated one.

This is not really a bug per-say but rather the implementation. Renaming the destination folder for a synced folder would typically break the sync relation ship.

They may be able to implement a feature where you can name the destination folder when setting up the sync. I would suggest posting this in the My Cloud Home Ideas board.


The following KBA article will help explain this behavior

SBrown: Thank you for these documents. These answered my questions and saved me from creating a new discussion thread.

I hope in the future the MyCloud Home offers the functionality to choose the name on a backup, as my OCD tendencies REALLY want me to name them with each computer’s name to make it easier for my family to find their backups.