Change synced/backup folder name - without loss of syncing

Having just set up MyCloud Home (single drive) unit and “played” with syncing, I note that if the synced folder name is changed via WebApp or DeskTopApp the continuous syncing fails.

I have two user accounts on my Windows PC and when syncing (say) the Documents Folder in each account I would like to differentiate between them, other than the MyCloud Home unit adding a “1” to the second synced folder.


I have a similar situation. I want to use sync to provide back ups for multiple computers. It would be nice if I could collect all the synced folders from one computer into a larger folder named for that computer.

Right now its a technical limitation of the sync platform. Kind of a pain I know, definitely something we want to address down the line. So I don’t have an immediate fix for you, but know its on the to-do list.


My Cloud Home Product Team

Hi there, I know this topic is from more than a year old but, I’d wanted to know if you fixed the issue or have any updates on this?

The issue still remains

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Please advise if this issue has been fixed or remediated.
cause every time i start a sync from a new endpoint, it creates a new folder “Sync from desktop (X)”
where X is the endpoint number
And if i try renaming the folder, the sync breaks and i have to start a new one, the old one which broke goes stale and remains there

many thanks