Bricked My Cloud (boot loop)

Looks like I have bricked my WD MyCloud (2TB). When plugged in, the LED turns on white after a short period of time. Then after about 20 seconds (I didn’t measure it) it turns off and then on again. It seems to me that it starts booting and then after some time it reboots, looping forever.

I have connected the hard drive directly to my SATA controller to backup the partition table and all partitions except SWAP and user data (don’t know what it’s called). Then I wrote the contents of the rootfs.img file of the most recent firmware package to the two raid partitions. Still I cannot boot the My Cloud.

Can somebody please help me on this? Maybe you can provide me with vanilla contents of the other partitions?

A valid option for me would be to install an arm linux distro and configure that as a NAS, but I don’t know if there may be driver problems and how to install linux headlessly.

Follow the instructions written here…

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It is not boot loop, and is just initalizing and can take up to 40 minutes, just be patient.

@BullZeye: Are you sure about that? It doesn’t negotiate networking (it won’t claim an IP address) and it doesn’t seem to do anything. The drive is spinning but no reading or writing seems to happen.

Blinking Yellow = network connection issue / not getting an IP from DHCP

Blinking White = FSCK check, wait for it to fully boot up. 

Unfortunately I had to apply the entire disk image from the posting of the solution. I was hoping to be able to just repair the raid partitions.

Does anybody know that the other partitions are for? I’m still looking for a way to do a completely fresh debian installation.

Check this out