Brand new drive wont register

HI i just bought a new retail 8tb ultrastar for 239.99 + tax from b&h and they say they are an authorized dealer but the drive wont register.
Why would this be happening and what should i do ?

By “won’t register” do you mean you can’t register it with WD for warranty? If so it MIGHT be New Old Stock. See if there is a date of manufacture on the drive’s label.

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Thanks by the way for your time .

Well the drive in the pc right now , but the sealed silver envelope that the drive was in inside the box with the wd sticker on it says 20 MAR 2019.

And yes it won’t register the 5 year warranty. On firefox it just keeps giving me an error and on microsoft edge it says something like error The drive is either OEM or warranty is voided.

When not trying to register it but going to the just check wd warranty and i type in the serial number it says its good till 2024 ,but says to click below to register the product and the when trying to register it fails.
"Thank you for registering your product(s), 0 product(s) were registered out of 1. The following asset(s) failed to register: because it’s either an OEM product or the warranty has been voided. For further assistance, please contact the WD support team "

on another page it says

“An error occurred processing your request, please try again later.”

What a rip-off!! I also wasn’t aware that I bought OEM and the HDD clicks.

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The thing is the drive said 'retail" on the website i purchased from and it came sealed in an original box. As far as i know the oem drives don’t come in original boxes but in bulk packaging.

I am a little disappointing that i have not received any word from WD customer support ,but great news is B&H offered to replace or other the drive . Hopefully they will let me get something other than WD because at that price i dont need another “retail” drive that i cant register.

Sorry to hear you got the oem issue as well LAPIII

LAPIII did yours say that it was retail ?

Yeah well I learned my lesson…I bought a WD Red for my NAS and it wouldn’t register either because the date on the drive was beyond the Warranty period. New Old Stock…so now, because I like WD’s drives, I ONLY buy them from the WD Store. Might cost a few bucks more but I have a drive that has a warranty.

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WD finally reached out to explain that even though the drive is WD it’s warranty is through HGST’s site and just hang on to the receipt and linked me to they’re site to check the warranty.

I’m glad it all worked out but WD needs to fix the error when trying to register such drives so people like me don’t have to freak out.

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Could you post how you did all this.