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And it took WD only six months to incorporate fix into their firmware…
(Disclaimer - If your sarcasm detector just blew up I will not be held liable for any damages…)

After this latest firmware was applied my PR4100 now says I have zero bytes free. I just deleted about 20GB of stuff and its still showing zero free

Only got my PR4100 yesterday and after the update, it now shows no apps in the store…

Hello, (while you were writing this topic i was writing mine can the moderator delete it please?
DL2100 New Firmware (problem))

my dl2100 is reebooting for 6 hours now, it updated at 3 AM and is’t blinking the power blue light since then, i don’t think this is normal, this is not the first firmware update we do, now i can’t even access the dashboard to revert the firmware,

UPDATE 18/11/2017 11:30
so i gave up after 8 hours, shut down, unplugged all power/network cables, removed the two drives, removed all the screws, open the case, clean up a bit all dust, removed the battery, measured 3.01V ok, reversed the process, power up, and thank god is working and no data loss, same apps, same users, same shares,
yes i previously did the 4 second and the 40 second reset, nothing worked! that should at least reseted the passwords, wierd.

My PR2100 is rebooting for more than 48 hours now. Can I simply shut it down ?

It works, thanks

The firmware for my PR4100 automatically updated but failed to re-boot. Well, it may have re-booted but I couldn’t access it and the power light was pulsing which I think means its in standby. I couldn’t see anywhere in the manual how to take it out of standby so I powered off and on and all is OK. Fortunately I was local to the hardware on this occasion but I’m not always. If I’d been away I would have lost access for however long I was away. Not very good!
I see someone mention something about the 4 second or 40 second thing. Whats that?

How long should one allow the device to sit before powering down and rebooting manually when LCD is stuck on the System Rebooting screen?

Zero Disk activity - just the slow pulsing power indicator light. Drive lights are all static/solid.

I’m now getting this. Not so easy to park 6TB somewhere while I reformat the drive. Ant Suggestions?

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloudEX4100 .

Event title:File System Check Failed

Event description:File system check has detected errors on your configuration. Backup your data and recreate your drive configuration to resolve these errors. If problem remains, contact WD Support.


Event code:0036

Event time:12-26-2017 02:00:00 PM

Firmware version: 2.30.172

One more reason to upgrade to the latest firmware: gulftech report

The hardcoded login backdoor is now gone.