DL2100 New Firmware (problem)

Hello, does anyone have the same problem?
this night the DL2100 updated the new firmware at 3AM, its now 9AM and the blue power ligth is still blinking, how long does it need to reboot itself? more than 6 hours?!? does the file system check takes that long? i don’t think so, this is not the first firmware rodeo for me.
can’t access the dashboard to revert to the previous firmware
thanks wd for making my saturday so miserable

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Título do evento:A atualização de firmware foi concluída com sucesso
Descrição do evento:O firmware foi atualizado com sucesso para
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Horário do evento:11-18-2017 03:01:28 AM
Versão do firmware: 2.30.165

UPDATE 18/11/2017 11:30
so i gave up after 8 hours, shut down, unplugged all power/network cables, removed the two drives, removed all the screws, open the case, clean up a bit all dust, removed the battery, measured 3.01V ok, reversed the process, power up, and thank god is working and no data loss, same apps, same users, same shares,
yes i previously did the 4 second and the 40 second reset, nothing worked! that should at least reseted the passwords, wierd.

My system did the exact same thing. I also had to remove drives, clean and power cycle.

Hi guys, have you contacted WD Support team regarding the FW update taking a long time? Could it be the file system check still going on?

Wonder if anyone with a DL4100 have experienced the same problems? Mind updated, and did so rather quickly. Is this issue related just to the DL2100?

Hello jchen, i contacted the wd support but this was on a friday night and i was worried with the data, on saturday morning they didn’t responded so i didn’t relaxed till this problem got fixed. I found latter several people with the same problem here in the forum on another topic
the file check doesn’t take too long (like 8 hours) 10 minutes on my DL2100
thanks for your concern

Myron i think some users got the same problem with a PR4100
check out this topic