Backup onto 3rd Drive MyCloud EX2 ULTRA RAID1 image

I have a newly installed EX2 Ultra – which is setup as a RAID1 , network attached Shared drive by Windows10. All is working great.
When I was reading these WD posts I saw one that discussed the removal of one of my 4TB drives and putting in a new 4TB drive, and having the EX2 Ultra initialize the new one and copy over the data on Drive1 to the new Drive2. Now I would like to do this and place the removed drive in safe storage as a backup. I believe most of these functions were performed via the settings Tab?

Of course, now, I am having trouble finding this discussion – can you point me to this article/post?

You should do RAID rebuild. It can be autobuild which the device does it by itself when you insert a new hard drive or can be manual. Manual is when you tell the device to start rebuilding the RAID. Raid rebuild option should be in the “Storage” tab.