Backup My Cloud Home device to the Cloud

I have just purchased a WD My Cloud Home device to store all my files and photos. I now want to back up that device to the Cloud, ideally Google One. I simply can’t see how to do this?

Have you checked the Knowledge Base and the User Manual?

Yes, I’ve checked. There are actually two versions of the manual, I’ve read both, and I’ve searched the knowledge base. There is plenty of information about backup TO my device (including from camera, usb, cloud, desktop), but nothing about how to backup FROM my device to the Cloud.

Most cloud providers do not supply utilities to export data out of their services, that is not their primary goal for their products, the exception may be some services that have affiliation with the cloud provider.

Google Drive desktop is usually the tool Google users use to copy data from the desktop and it somewhat provides network drive support which the MCH could be a source which could be used to copy or sync to Google.

MCH isn’t really a cloud service, despite the name. It’s really a NAS, albeit there is remote internet access, which you might call a cloud service. However, first and foremost it’s a storage solution. Surely there is a way to backup that storage. I’m not talking about exporting out, just backing up for data security purposes.

You say MCH could be a source which could be used to copy or sync to Google. That’s what I’m trying to understand. How do I do that?

WD marketed the MCH as a ‘Personal Cloud Storage’ and not a NAS, and prior to firmware 8.12 (6 months ago) it did not work without a internet connection.

Isn’t this a Google Drive for desktop (used to be Google Backup & Sync) question?

Steps to Sync Folders to Google Drive

Step 1: Download Backup and Sync software of Google. Once you start the installation of Backup and Sync software, you will see first Sign In Screen, log in using your google account.

Step 2: After login to your google account next you’ll get the following screen.

Demo Google Drive Sync

You can click on Choose Folder and pick any folder you want. It will select Desktop, Documents, and Pictures. You can also click the Change link to backup only photos and videos or add file extensions that you do not want to sync.

Step 3: Choose which folders you want to sync down to your local PC. What I normally do is just uncheck Sync My Drive to this computer, since I’m only using it as a backup for my PC.

That certainly works, but it’s manual, and it mixes all the folders I have in MCH with any folders I already have in Google Drive. I’m expecting an automated backup to a dedicated cloud backup location. I can’t get past the fact that MCH is a storage solution…what is the backup solution for that storage?

Home users buy the MCH because it is cheap and fairly easy to set up, not because of all the features.

Cloud backup for the MCH is called ElephantDrive, under the Do More icon in the web app.

ElephantDrive is a cloud backup subscription service that saves a copy of the data on your My Cloud Home in the ElephantDrive cloud.

  • ElephantDrive is available only on the single bay My Cloud Home.

I still don’t really see backup as a feature, more of a fundamental. However I appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me. I’ll look into Elephant Drive (I saw it but hadn’t heard of it before and didn’t realise what it is).

Otherwise I’m very pleased with MCH.

Thank you.