What's the best way to back up the MCH to an external hard drive?

I will maybe order the WD My Cloud Home. What is the best way to back up My Cloud Home content to an external hard drive (eg WD My passport)?

I now use the SyncBackFree backup program to make a backup of my laptop to an external hard drive. Can I also use SyncBackFree for a backup from MCH to the external hard drive?

Never used SyncBackFree before
I’ve use FileFort to backup the user Private Space of MCH to a My Book connected to my Windows 10 computer. https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13043

I plan on beta testing the new stuff

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socallinux, thanks for reaction!

I’ve used synctoy for backup and, man, it throws LOTS of errors and didn’t copy all files correctly. I must say that happened with the private folders of the MCH, those issues are not present with the public folders though.

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