Backup for MyCloud

I don’t see a solution posted for this yet so I’m sharing my solution, hopefully it helps someone else.

I purchased the MyCloud because I wanted to move my shared files off my computer onto a centralized store.  I also liked the idea of accessing my files from anywhere with any device.

I am a strong believer in offsite backups, especially since much of my data is pictures and videos of my family over the years and I could never replace those.  I have used different products over the years (Norton, Carbonite and BackBlaze to name a few) but I was disappointed to learn that most solutions will not backup NAS devices even if they are just home usage types. There are some that will do this but the price for the service jumps dramatically to get that feature.  I didn’t want to pay all that extra money to keep protecting the same data just because I moved it to a NAS.

I know the MyCloud can backup (snapshot) to connected USB drive or to another computer on my network but neither of those meets the definition of offsite backup.

The way they restrict backups from using NAS devices is that most of the backup products will only backup local drives, in some cases they will not even backup USB connected drives.

Fortunately I found what seems to be a workable solution.  Since I was migrating my data off my computer’s 2TB drive to the MyCloud 2TB drive, I was left with 2TB of local disk space on the computer, the same computer running my backup software.  BackBlaze is what I am using currently and I highly recommend it.  I configured MyCloud to create it’s Safepoint on the original computer using the vacated 2TB of disk. This puts a copy of my data on local disk to be backed up by my backup software.  As a bonus, Safepoint recreates the directory and file structure of the data on the MyCloud rather than dumping it all in a single file blob so I can still do individual file restores from the backup software.

In essense this solution is an improvement since I now have 3 level protection: the primary data living on the MyCloud, a copy on my computer and an offsite copy in the backup software cloud.

I hope this is helpful, let me know if you have any questions.


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