Backup failed, there isn't enough space on "my passport for mac"

I need help, please. I got this message that there isn’t enough space on My Passport for Mac. What do I do to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

Basically it means the ‘Passport for Mac’ is full up.

You can see for sure if you ‘Ctrl’-click on the drive’s image on your desktop (Get Info) and take a look at the stats there.

You will probably need to buy a new more capacious external HDD and use that for what your are currently using the Passport for. Use the Passport for something else, or as spare capacity.

Thank you

So there’s no way to delete old backups to make space? I appreciate your feedback.

It depends on why your Passport for Mac is full up.
Does your internal HDD hold more than the total capacity Possibly also how it is being backed up - i.e. using Time Machine or some other method.

If the Passport Drive is smaller, less capacious, than the Mac’s internal HDD or it’s current content, then erasing the Passport and starting again will probably be futile.

You will need to say more regarding your Mac set up.

I have the same issue but it says that my ‘Passport for Mac’ still has plenty of space (1,82 TB). Still, I get the same prompt: Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “My Passport for Mac”

Any ideas how to tackle this? Thanks for any hints in advance!