Backing up multiple computers

Hi Everyone,

I have the My Passport SE 1TB and two laptops with Windows 7.

Is there a way I can use my Passport to backup both laptops using the WD SmartWare?

It seems that I have lost my backup from computer #1 when I backed up computer #2.

Thanks in advance

WD smartware will back up both computers as long as the software is installed on both computers.

I would like to do the same thing but with 3 computers.  

When I set up the My Passport on my iMac to start out with, I get the folder popping up with the install icons etc.  I get it running and working great.  

When I plug the drive into the next computer, a MacBook, and click on the drive, it shows the contents of my iMac with no folders for install.  

Do I just download Smartware on both my MacBooks and then I’ll be able to put items from them onto the same drive as my iMac?

Yes that is exactly how it is set up.