Backing up itunes library stored on MyCloud - what do you do?

I’ve backed up my Mac to MyCloud so have two copies of photos, documents etc. but I’ve migrated my itunes library (about 600 -700GB) onto the NAS from my old PC. My question is, if something goes wrong with the NAS I’ll lose all my music - where do other people with itunes libraries on MyCloud back it up to?

I’ve been backing up from My Cloud onto an external USB drive (plugged into My Cloud).  I have used the My Cloud Viewer Application to copy between the two without having to make a rountrip over the LAN and through my MacBook Pro.  The My Cloud Viewer application is a little clunky and not very responsive but it works.

Does anyone else have any tips on backing up itunes library stored on My Cloud? Maximum size needed will be 1TB

You can;

  • use WD My Cloud Safepoints to backup your entire my cloud to an attached USB drive, or to a local network share. YOu cannot select only your iTunes library,

  • use PC-based sync or backup software to sync you iTunes library to a USB drive or local network share. Although the data is going trough the PC, it won’t be much slower than the Safepoint approach if you ahve a fast connectioni from the PC to the NAS,

  • use iTunes Match to store your music in the iCloud through iTunes