Automatic Photo Backup (iOS) - Issues

Hi there,

As much as I appreciate the option of automatic photo backups through the MyCloud app, the functionality of it is not quite there, at least as of yet.

  1. The automatic backup will NOT work in the background. The app should be able to run in the background and be fully automated (hence auto photo backup …)
  2. When the transfer fails, and it happens … well, a lot … you have to start all over again. The caveat is that upon resuming your “manual auto backup”, the app does not recognize files already backed up, so it simply creates copies of everything that’s already in your designated backup folder. This is a major issue that should be addressed.

Please add any other issues with the auto backup feature if you notice it.


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Thank you for sharing this. I think you should also post this in the Ideas section or do a search to see if it is already posted and vote on it.

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