Automatic backup sync OF WDPASSPORT to external HD

When I am traveling I backup my SD card to the 4TB Wireless Pro. I also have a wired 4TB Passport HD, Is there a way to automatically sync the external drive with the data from the Wirelss Pro? In other words I want to backup the Wireless Pro to an external drive without a computer or manual interaction. Is this possible?

There isn’t a way to automatically backup from the Passport Wireless to an attached USB drive. It was designed to go in the other direction, either SD or USB import to the Passport Wireless.

You can install Resilio Sync on MPWP. I’ve done this.
So I always have sync’ed copy of important folders on PC and Android’s SD Card.

Well I think It is possible to sync MPWP-folder with USB-folder in the same way.

Hi @CarryGun,
More than a year has passed after your reply, but I’ve just purchased a MPWP 4GB and I’d like to know how did you install Resilio Sync on it please. I also have a PR2100 with Resilio installed and it’s working great. I’d like that my new MPWP syncs with it for backup reason.
Thanks in advance