Additional option to make a fast backup from MyPassport Wireless to External USB Drive

It would be very handy and super data save to be able to connect external drive to USB 2.0 port in MyPassport Wireless Pro Device and be able to configure MyPassport to sync all data from MyPassport Drive to connected USB Drive. I think it is just a software solution so it can be implemented in already existing hardware. I mean, I would feel much more confident having adittional backup on second, external drive. I am a videographer and that is sceanrio I dream about. I shoot footages for 2h, copy my SD card to MyPassportWirelessPro (MPWP). When it is done, i take out my SD CARD and connects External Drive (ED) to MPWP and then requested function starts - All data from MPWC copies to ED. Meanwhile I use my SD CARD to take another footages and after another 2h i above mentioned actions to make incremental backup of SD Card. I would like to have this solution to avoid losing earlier backued up data while backing up new data from card. With my solution there are always at least one data source that is away and not in use. Using this solution you can also share your files without internet by simply plugging ED to usb 2.0 port. It would be very useful when you are editing your footages right on location, e.g on wedding when you edit short trailer movie to show it at midnight the same day. Even when you get back from location, you can just plug regular 3,5" hard drive with USB adapter to MPWP USB 2.0 and you have your working drive ready to edit when you wake up next morning. That would be awesome. What do you guys think about it?

Hi mrc87,

Thank you for your feedback.