Android Weather and Clock

To all you experienced modders. Is there a way to get an Android Clock and Weather to show in our themes.  I really like the look of some of the themes at Media Portal and notice that these use the Android Clock and Weather logos.

So is there a way to do this on the hub or smp or are we stuck with acc weather?

No and Yes.

Short and straight to the point.  Cheers wdtvhub.

post a picture of what you want.

i googled and there are lots of different looking ‘Andriod Clocks’

not sure which one you’re referring to ?


It’s something like this I was wondering:

photo AndroidClockandWeather.png

an example of a skin from media portal is something like this:

photo mediaportalexample.png


Here’s a simple one i quickly did.

*psd is from this site:

Simple Mochi Clock theme edit:

Version 2 (just a small tweak):

The pesky dots came back when the time changed…

Edit: inc_tme.xml

<text text="@@info_time" x=“1129” y=“45” w=“92” h=“36” align=“center” fontsize=“32” textcolor=“0x000000” bg=“1”/>

to this

<text text="@@info_time" x=“1127” y=“45” w=“92” h=“36” align=“left” fontsize=“32” textcolor=“0x000000” bg=“1”/>

Hopefully this should fix it for good :wink:


Joey…you are an absolute star!  Thanks for the XML edits too :slight_smile:

Oh just  a quick wee question.  Does that mean I don’t need to use the inc_weather.xml at all now and comes as part of the clock interface? Only ask as you’ve only got the inc_time.xml or will it just need positioned under the clock?

Thanks :smiley:

having the inc_weather.xml caused a ‘flicker’ when navigating  … because of graphic layer ordering and reference.

so, i just put the weather into the inc_time.xml to avoid the “flicker”.

That’s so good Joey !

Dag, that looks really cool, wonder why no one thought of using that before…

thanks all :smiley:

tweaked it a little today (hide the colon dots / made the line a little darker)

updated link Above

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Really nice work Joey. I love the time/weather widgets on my Android devices, and it was about time for a WD box to mimic that look and feel instead of the basic view we have been getting


hola, me podriaas explicar paso a paso como introducir el reloj en el tema, gracias


English please :smiley:

google/babylon translate wasnt much help…  (i’m guessing ‘Spanish’ ?)

Hello, I am podriaas explain step by step how to enter the clock on the issue, thanks  ???

Here’s mine so far.  I still use a CRT TV (I refuse to pay TV license so until I get, either, a larger monitor or a TV without Freeview I’ll continue to use my CRT TV as there’s no way I can watch live TV = No UK License Fee :).  So in the mean time I’m using the ‘non graphical weather icons’.

Thanks for your help Joey.  Lining up as been a bit of a nightmare but got there eventually. :slight_smile:

Might reduce the height of the White background and fit the weather icon underneath…

Erm, Joey I have another question. I noticed you have supplied fonts to ‘make it look more like the Android’ clock.  I need to change mine as you can see they are rather thin.  Which xml do I edit for this?

photo screenshotwithclock.png

Fairly happy with the clock now.  Just need to fix it for all other views:

photo screenshotwithfixedclock.png


you can’t change the font for the time (Firmware Locked)

BUT - you can add a copy of the time text line and move the X= position in the second line one or two more increments to the right which will make the font fatter. A new first line with black text 2-3 increments to the right and one or two y= increments down will give you a drop shadow!


 <text text="@@info_time" x=“1095” y=“39” w=“140” h=“70” align=“left” fontsize=“56” textcolor=“0x000000” bg=“1”/>
 <text text="@@info_time" x=“1092” y=“37” w=“140” h=“70” align=“left” fontsize=“56” textcolor=“0xffffff” bg=“1”/>
 <text text="@@info_time" x=“1093” y=“37” w=“140” h=“70” align=“left” fontsize=“56” textcolor=“0xffffff” bg=“1”/>

where do i unzip the mochi clock file to exactly

Make a backup of your theme folder. Then you have to copy the file in the theme folder (Alaska, JSA720 for example) overwrite if asked. If you find any kind of problems delete the theme folder and use the backup