Stock Mochi and Android Clock - Attached file size over the limit - Help pls


I’m running into issues installing the modified theme:

If I try to upload the modified theme, the GUI says: Attached file size over the limit, Please try again.

What I did was:

I downloaded the stock theme from here:

I downloaded the clock from here (version2):

I unzipped both and copied the content from clockv2 into the unzipped Mochi-Theme.
I deleted ‘accu-weather’ from Mochi-theme so I could replace it with the folder called ‘accu-weather’ from clockv2.
I zipped the altered Mochi-theme with no compression and tried to upload it.

Anyone can tell me what I did wrong and how to do it properly?

Thank you

There is no need to unzip the Android Clock files.

You simply upload it to your SMP / Live Hub … and the Default Mochi Interface simply uses the default files to fill out the rest.

So, all you need to do is upload the clockv2 mod (1.32MB) and the rest of the theme will still display fine.

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Thanks for your fast reponse.

Works like a charm and looks great - love it :smiley:

No probs … Thanks :smiley: