Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]

Thanks guys, I’ll try for sure.
The only thing that bothers me is that when I push the option button and select to display the file info the thumbnail is in the correct resolution.
It looks like there’s a compression problem with the smaller thumbnails.

Ok, I checked and my firmware version is 1.05.18

Here’s some screenshots:

I don’t know why but the pics look way better when in the screenshots…

Does the forum resize the pics?

On my tv the first two screens looks really bad, really low-res, only the third one displays correctly.

Here’s’s the “real” difference, i cropped the two thumbnails to show you how they are displayed:

Senza titolo-1.jpg

The first one is the “good one” from the full view (option>info), the second one is from the gallery.

I tried removing the EXIF as suggested but the result was the same.

Ok, You removed the EXIF,

But just checking. It is cached, so did you remove it from the .wdtv folder, so it will be re-scanned in.

If not it will still use the old one.

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I deleted all the .wdtv folders on my hard disk just to be sure.

Yep i can see the artifacts.  Also, ignore the cover displaying correctly in “Options” view … different firmare Developers worked on that view (and got it right) and different developers worked on the other view.

Now, this may or may not be helpful … but i can reproduce the problem on my WDTV Live Hub using old Firmware 2.07.17

With the "Media Library “OFF” … the Thumbnails have bad artifacts … with the Media Library “ON”, Thumbnail looks good.

(see pictures below, i had to use a phone camera as my Live Hub doesent have the screenshot function in old firmware)

Now saying this, i tested Media Library ON/OFF on the 2014 WDTV Media Player FW1.02.17 and it makes NO difference to the Image Quality.

So, it’s probably worth trying the Media Library on/off and see if it makes a difference … as firmwares for the WDTV can have different effects and outcomes depending on what version firmware you have.

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Just a follow up … i have a sneaky suspicion the Media Library “ON” will resolve the issue

Firmware 2.07.17 (for the Live Hub)   and Firmware 1.05.18 (for SMP) … were released at/on the same time table

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I’ m quite sure the media library is on but I’m gonna give it a try anyway.
Do you think it makes any difference if i turn the media library on and then plug the usb hdd in or if I turn it on with the hdd already plugged in?

Thanks a lot for your patience and for all the tips you’re giving me guys :wink:

warrior6 wrote:
Do you think it makes any difference if i turn the media library on and then plug the usb hdd in or if I turn it on with the hdd already plugged in?

i don’t think it will make a difference … but it does’nt hurt to try both ways

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Hi Joey,

love the theme, i have a question how do i change the color of the catergory names for example Genre: would be blue, but the actual genre like action would stay white.

Guys, I think I made a mess…

I was trying to install the b-rad firmware.

I just wanted to try if a newer version would fix the thumb quality issue.

I downloaded this one:

Everything went fine when I installed the homebrew scripts, but now, when I reebot the WD, it stays on the WD logo and it just stays there.

Please tell me that there’s a way to fix it and that I didn’t have to trash my WD…

Custom Firmware boots from a Flashdrive, if you have a Slow Flashdrive (or a dodgy one) then the Boot Process can take a lot longer than normal. If you still can’t get it to boot …

Remove the flashdrive, reboot, and run the win-homebrew-stockifiy.bat script (to undo cfw)

sorry, warrior6 … unfortunately this is’nt really the place to be discussing Custom Firmware (on the Ofiicial WDTV Forum)

Any further Q/A, please Register / Sign-up at … and myself or others will be happy to assist / answer your questions there

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It can done, but not without a graphical glitch.

to assign a different color to “Genre:” and “Action” requires duplicating the @@genre tag and assigning two colors and then “cropping” the 1st @@genre tag “Genre” (Blue) so it doesent spill over into “Action” (White)

The “Glitch” will be … when the @@genre tag is “Cropped” it introduces dot’s “

Note: this is all from memory of trying this a while ago … i’ll have a look again later, but i’m pretty sure that’s what happens, and it does’nt look nice)

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Thanks joey.

I posted in here:

Hope it is the right place.

yes, that’s the right place (i’ve posted a reply)

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Ok, thanks again :wink:

I think I figured out the problem with my wd, everything is (almost) back to normal.
Many thanks to joey and KAD for the help, you guys saved me :slight_smile:

You were right, joey, the thumbnails works perfectly with b-rad 2.02.32 so I suppose it really is a firmware/cache issue.
Now, since firmware 2.02.32 has problems playing mp4 files, is there a previous firmware wich I can install to fix the thumbnail quality?

glad to hear :smiley:

I would try some of your MP4’s 1st before changing firmware again … who knows, you may not have a problem :neutral_face:

Anyways, the previous version is 2.01.86

( i can’t give a definitive answer because i only own the 2014 WDTV & WDTV Live Hub. But i suspect you might have the thumbnail problem again … but hey, i could be wrong)

So, tell me what firmware are you on now ? official or custom ?

EDIT: come to think of it … i setup my theme on a nieghbors Brand New SMP , and the thumbnails looked fine … i  definately know he wasn’t running 2.02.32 because that was about 9-10 months ago … and he hasent upgraded.

Also, a friend of mine has a SMP and is using my theme … i’ll phone him tomorrow and see if i can find out what firmware he is running.

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I’m on custom 2.02.32
Thanks joey, i’ll try some mp4 as you suggested.
Does your theme works with custom software as well?

warrior6 wrote:
Does your theme works with custom software as well?

Yes it works with custom firmware.  

p.s. please check your personal messages 

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Thanks, I’ll post in this thread as soon as I fix everything on my wd :slight_smile: