Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]

Thanks Joey!!

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I did’nt have time to do Audio Playback Screen for “Light Versions” … in a couple of days

Just a quick mod of the Music PlaybacK screen (feel free to edit the audio_run.xml if you like)

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Thanks again Joey


Thanks Joey.

Do you or anyone else know if there are any moviesheet wall gallery themes available i have been looking but can’t find any?

Hey Joey

I have another question for you. I belive there was an icon missing for the file view. I made a new icon (File List) and loaded it but I can’t seem to get the display just right I wonder if you can point out what to modify,

I would like to remove the My media library Files: Folders from the rv filelist browse page xml file

Solved this part Joey

Would you happen to have the psd file you used for the main icons? I have switched the RV BG file and was hoping to make the icons look nicer than I have been able to. I am getting alot of ragged edges on the Larger set of files.



i don’t have a psd file (i don’t use Photoshop)  Original images were done using Gimp about 2 years ago …long gone, due to pc upgrades and hdd crashes.

Understood Joey Thanks for geting back to me.


Hi Everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but sorry if it is not, i wanted to know if anyone had the  “AeonishHub Stage 3” moviesheet templates.


Hi Everyone, new member here :slight_smile:

First of all I want to thank you, Joey, the theme you designed is awesome, thanks for sharing.

I’m currently using AlaskaDARK_V1.3_15_TBN_VERT on a WD TV Live Streaming and I’m having an issue

with the cover resolution displayed on my tv.

I made my cover with photoshop, .jpg extension and 300x450 px in size, below 70k as you suggested.

I don’t understand why everytime i look at them on the pc they’re ok but on the tv screen they look pixelated

and with lots of jpg artifacts.

Am I missing something?

My definition of Jpg (Compression) artifacts is (see picture, the image below)

Just remembered, what firmware are you running ?  Setup > About > Device Info

Because, older firmware displayed the images from cache (which can overcompress the image)

Latest Firmware displays the image from the local file, as evidence, PNG’s with alpha tranparency trick works again (the image is never cached)

These 2 screenshops were captured using the WDTV “Capture Snapshot” feature … and i cannot see compression artifacts

P.S. i have a 2014 WDTV FW 1.02.17 …  screenshot shows me streaming from the Live Hub

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First of all, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, my pictures looks definitely artifacted, the only time when I can see them in the correct definition

is when I press the option>info button.

I’m definitely using an old firmware, I never updated it.

You say that the newer firmware displays pictures from the local file, is it true for WD TV Live Streaming as well?

Which firmware do you suggest me to download?

I was reluctant to update my firmware because I was afraid of issues with my WD ^_^’’

warrior6 wrote:You say that the newer firmware displays pictures from the local file, is it true for WD TV Live Streaming as well?

I have the 2014 WDTV Media Player Firmware 1.02.17  (and a Live Hub FW2.07.17)

What Firmware are you running ? out of curiosity

I’m fairly sure it only works with WDTV Live Streaming 2.02.32 (yes *that* firmware,i would’nt recommend)   :wink:

would have to load the “Custom” firmware version on my 2014 player to confirm.

Just so i can see what you’re seeing … please post a screen capture

  1. insert a flashdrive in the usb on your Live Streaming

  2. Press Setup > Operation > Remote Settings

  3. Scroll down to " 0" and press OK

  4. Scroll down the list until you see " Capture Snapshot"  … press OK

Remote Control button “0” will now take screenshots and save a JPG on the inserted flashdrive.

Please upload a picture here

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I already took some screenshots, I will upload them as soon as I come back home.
What’s the problem with 2.02.32 firmware?
Is it THAT bad?
What about using the b-rad firmware?
Is it a good solution?

Custom Firmware is based on Official Firmware … if there’s WD bug, it will be in both

As for 2.02.32 there’s plenty of people not happy (Youtube crashing, Reboots, MP4 bug etc read the forum)

MP4 Bug:

so what do you think ist the best Firmeware for the WDTV LIVE HUB (for working with Themes als Alaska or AEonish)

My personal preference is 2.07.17  (and Aeonish Hub won’t display properly with any higher firmware … because of no Transparent PNG support)

It’s definately tied in with how images are displayed and cached depending on firmware… example

The picture of “Catwoman” is a Transparent PNG, renamed to JPG and it displays.

BUT … the image never gets cached in the .wd_tv folder, so it’s displaying it “locally”  (where-as other firmwares were caching the images and displaying from cache)

P.S. The Screenshot was taken on the 2014 WDTV Media Player FW1.027.17

What about the previous firmware, the 2.01.86?
Does it have the same problems?


It’s a long time since I played around with the wdtv, still use it, but my routines work for me.

I may be wrong, but I think I had this problem years ago.

Try removing any EXIF info from the image, by using IrfanView of some Util

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Thanks Tony,

That may be the cause … worth trying anyways

Personally i use either GIMP or Thumbgen for thumbnails … and niether embedd EXIF data

Here’s an old thread discussing Jpeg Thumbnail Quality

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Team work - ah - Hope it works