Aggresive head parking and spin up and down

drive is HTS545050A7E680 - 500GB in a laptop. brand new. used as system drive.

having that issue again. clicking alot. just idled 50 cycles in 5 minutes. how much does it wear extra? what is the rating for that drive? i don’t wanna look at that.

i’m using the laptop as desktop replacement. average (i despise logging) should be just working from RAM. can that be controlled? maybe cache logging and write slow without parking. i’d be satisfied if the drive could spin down to safe idle and log without removing the head. and spin up if it’s really busy. how much electricity does the head handle tho? and all that aerodynamic drift. gosh. microbes.

seems to be the firmware fix for my scenario.

is there anybody here? somebody give me a better firmware for that drive. that things head park spams right now. wtf is that cr*p? damnit.

nvm. found a apm control fix working in crystaldiskinfo. now… how long does it drive at full speed? my last got over 3 years full throttle. that was a gorgeous result


To clarify warranty is generally 3 Years based of serial number but a valid proof of purchase from an authorized reseller will be used to validate warranty from purchase date. I see that your using this drive as a system drive what operating system is installed?

same problem by me