Z5K500 500Gb load/unload cycle count normal range?

Hello, there is a Z5K500 (hts545050a7e680) HDD in my brand new laptop, and I observed a relatively fast LLC ramp up since its first usage: it went up to 860 in only 3 days. My question: is this normal ? Is there maybe a tool for this model to modify the head parking behaviour similarly to the wdidle tool ?

Thanks in advance.

ps: I see, there is a 600K limit on LLC in the specs, that means 5.4 years of usage counting with a 300/day average, but still, it seems to me too much.

Can someone pls. confirm that “Feature tool” can be used for this model ?

OK, I tried Feature tool 2.15, it doesn’t even detect the drive

Hello, zrx888!

Try to disable APM using quietHDD (Windows-Only, quietHDD) or hdparm (Linux/Mac OS, man page hdparm(8): get/set SATA/IDE device parameters - Linux man page, available from distro repository for linux, available in form of some unofficial ports on Mac OS).

“Disable” means setting APM value to 255. This setting is not persistent, so it doesn’t interfere with warranty & you need to configure performing this action every drive power cycle (using hdparm’s conf file or putting quietHDD in autostart).