Additional Storage Advice Please!


I have had a WD Live Hub for the last year or so and have been really pleased with it. I have added an additional 2tb USB drive to it for additional storage but I am rapidly running our now I have finally got round to ripping all my media inc Blu Rays onto the drives.

I’m looking at purchasing a Drobo which will offer much larger storage capacity and the thing I am really after a means of backup… This system can offer upto 10tb of storage fully backed up. Is this something the hub will work well with. It will be connected via USB rather than ethernet.

Your thoughts, comments and experience gratefully recieved!!

Thanks in advance

Be careful with Drobo…  

I’ve heard that after your warranty expires, you no longer get FW updates unless you pay for them.  Not personally sure about that, but I seem to recall seeing that when I was shopping for NAS…

But with ANY NAS,  I strongly recommend you use Ethernet.   


Thanks would you reccommend QNAP then?


I sure would…  

Now, QNAP *cannot* be connected to a computer via USB; it’s Network ONLY.

There are USB ports on them, but they are for attaching external drives to it.

I have two QNAPs and they are fantastic

Wierd question I know but are they noisy?? I would probably have them in a cabinet in my sitting room. The drobo is pretty quiet a mate of mine has one and it works perfectly on a different streaming device…

Well, it’s rather subjective, but I can’t even hear mine.

I keep the BACKUP unit in my master suite (as far away from the primary as possible.)   The only time I hear it is when the drives spin up (Samsung drives are noisy when they crank up…)  but other than that, it’s almost silent.

But I’ve got 4 kids in my house, so I may just be immune to noise.  :)

hahah ive just the one and 10 he 10 months old! so have that to come! thanks for your help with this.

Just spoke to my mate his Drobo is out of warranty but still gets all firmware etc for free!


Yep; they changed the policy.