Add a non-WD Camera to my ReadyView

Since WD doesnt offer a dome camera solution, I purchased a Swann SWNHD-866MSD. It’s a basic ip poe dome camera. The NVR sees the camera but it will not go online. Snip

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve played around with NVR’s in the past … 1st thing i discovered is that you can’t mix different resolution cameras with them.

If the NVR only supports a maximum resolution of 2MP or 4MP (like the WD ReadyView)

then a 5MP camera (like the Swann SWNHD-866MSD) won’t work.

It is the camera with the Address? See if you have an option the change it to something like 172.16.0.XXX (xxx = 1 - 253), make sure not the use the same IP address the other camera. I know most of the NVR systems do not allow other vendor camera hookup to their system. Good Luck!!

Any updates, I still have problem with it?

Greetings Terrarium

After playing withe the camera a couple days, I decided to return it. Don’t know if the camera was defective or not. It’s frustrating because the documentation for both the camera and the WD ReadyView are so bad.