Activation code >24hours

Is it possible to get an activation code for longer than 24 hours

This is  a security precaution. Why do you need it longer than 24 hours?

When i’m on vacation i would like to show family members photos from mybook via iphone

ok - That is a different problem. We need to be able to remotely add access to the box, right?

Yes - that’s correct

WDTony wrote:

This is  a security precaution. Why do you need it longer than 24 hours?

Theres another scenario as well- What if I have the drive in my office and send a code to someone on a Friday afternoon… they don’t get to it until Sunday morning… 24 hours have expired, and they have to wait an entire day for me to get back to my drive on Monday… 24 hours is a bit too short, although your idea of being able to remotly send an invitation would resolve a lot (but not all) of those issues…maybe 72 hours would be better?

WD should balance between security and user-friendly.

Users wants to access their files (e.g. music / video) every morning, they need to power on  computer to get access code everyday.

If someone want to get a file suddenly by using mobile phone, they do nothing.

I think WD should give user a option with non-expired activation code - NOT default, Warning Message to user.


Yes it is a balance, but in this world we live in, we need to make sure that we do what we can to protect our devices. We are considering upping the expiration time in a future release. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Firstly, thanks for your consideration. I hope WD can consider it seriously.

I have been used WD My book  Essential for a long time, it is good to me.

Now I decide to purchase a NAS for home use, WD My book Live is a very good option, beside time expiration of auth-code.

Waiting your good news.


Dear WD,

I also have another scenario how remote access expirity makes my lovely WD useless…

My dad wants to connect to my WD via IPAD at home. To do that, he dont have a computer to create an activation code. And he asks me to create code for him everyday… (when I am at work with my computer)

Expirity problem  makes my WD as a brick when I am not on my computer. Is there anyway to let my IPAD connect WD automatically while in same network?

If not…

Could you please give a high priority to this important problem?

I agree, it’s a great service/program but the 24 hour activation code stinks!  Please update to give an option to use it or not.  If I was giving temporary access to someone then a code would be appropriate but it’s a useless feature for personal use by myself and family.  I would love to use the program from my cell however don’t think I will be doing so if I have to reassign an access code daily. 

You only have to assign the code once per device (assuming you activate it in 24 hours).

We will change this to 48 hours per user feedback. Any longer than that could be a security issue.

Dear Tony,

We have more than one device. We want to reach our documents from each of our device. Thats why we bought it.

As you know, above scenarios won’t be solved with 48 hours permission.

I didnt understand why I can not decide it by myself.

Assuming I have just pictures in my WD,  that I want to share with my other device everytime (not per 48-67-90 hours)… This time restriction should be given by the owner of the WD, right? I also should assign different timings to my IPAD IPHONE and other computers by myself… 

If this cause a security risk, then you can let user to create their own code and every time WD can ask this constant code if user want to reach from IPAD or IPHONE… (w/o any requirement of the other main device) 

As an SAP consultant  I am able to decide ! Please do help us about this important issue…

I beleive lots of WD users are not happy with this restriction. 

I wish I would have read somewhere that I should write the code down. I just purchased the drive yesterday and am waiting for the 24 hr period so I can make use of all my devices. Unfortunately. When is the period up. Exactly 24 ours after registering the product?


Jsteve: I am not sure what you are trying to do. When you add a device, you have 24 hours to activate it on the device. After 24 hours, the code will expire. You can always add another device and get another activation code. There is not really a limit to the activation codes you can get (well up to 32 devices can be added to the system).

Once you get the code, you type it into your WD 2go Mobile App or WD Photos App on your device. That will sync the app to the MBL and use up the code.

Dear All,

Is there any good news for IPAD or IPHONE to have WD connection for a non-restricted time usage?

There is no time restriction to use WD2go. There is only a time limit to setup a mobile device.  Once you setup the device, you have 24 hours to activate it. If you don’t activate it in time, you can always generate another code.

We are going to change this time limit to 48 hours in the future.


Thanks for your patience.  I think the thing confusing people is the 24-hour activation code.  Tell me if I’m wrong…

The activation code…for authorizing a device…is only good for a 24-hour period.  However, once you have used this code to  activate/authorize a device…that device is good forever (virtually).  You don’t have to keep re-activating it.  But you must do it within a 24-hour period.  Otherwise, each individual activation code disintegrates after 24 hours. 


Yes, your understanding is correct. Thanks for clearing it up with the group.