Acceso Local Inadecuado

desde hace unos dias cuando accedo en red desde mi ordenador, las carpetas privadas (que si se ven online) han desaparecido y solo tengo acceso a Public y TimeMachineBackUp.
Hasta hace nada podía ver todo el contenido en red y actialmente no?
Alguna solución? A alguien mas le pasa?

Exactly the same problem, Local Network access has been switched on and have also enabled SMB & CIFS all to no avail

Try clear local settings which is NOT the same as device reset, please read.

Clear Device Settings will reset:

  • Local Access toggle switch (Default = Off)
  • Local network User Name(s) (Default = not configured)
  • Local network Password(s) (Default = not configured)
  • Database values (Default = new)
    Indexing may take from a few hours up to a few days or more to complete.

STOP Critical:

The process is Not Data Destructive and will not impact data on the drive.

Thank you for this fix I thought I had looked at every article on the subject but must have missed this one. All now working perfectly Thanks again for the support

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I’ve tried to do this as I am having this same issue, but that option is not available for me no matter how I try to log into the My Cloud Home device.

You reposted the identical reply in 3 different threads without adding any new or background information in your description. Nobody here knows what OS you have and how you are connected to the My Cloud Home.

  • The Clear Device Settings allows for device owners to reset system settings. Make sure you are logged into webapp as the device owner.
  • Access to the local Dashboard setting is only possible with a ‘Local’ connection. The webapp will you tell you, under settings, (select your) MCH, the state of connection.
  • Sometimes the router UPnP will turn on and off and Windows OS network UPnP will do the same, depending on the compatibility of the router. Sometimes this is normal.
  • You will see connection fluctuate from ‘Local’ to ‘Relay’ and sometimes even ‘Direct’ if the router ports have been opened by direct setting.
  • Nobody here knows what router you’ve got and how to fix that. You will have to try different routers and OS network settings.

Enabling Windows UPnP services is somewhat described here in this post: