5TB GDrive USB BHPhotoVideo Exclusive Product? How to tell which Model number?


I ordered the 5TB GDrive USB BHPhotoVideo.com when it was on sale. For several months, I simply looked all over the web and could not find a 5TB GDrive elsewhere (except one listing from a private party on Ebay). I even started to question the credibility of the existence of the drive to be a legit one since the GTech website does not even list that size on their website: http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-drive-usb

However, after some digging around, I found this: https://support.g-technology.com/product.aspx?ID=1432&lang=en

Click the “Specifications” tab to see the list of all the GDrive models. Apparently, there are 3 model numbers for the 5TB: GDREU3G1PB50001BDB

So what are the differences among them? Year manufactured? How can I tell which one I have? Is there a way I can punch in my serial number and find out?

So back to my original question, is the 5TB GDrive USB a BH exclusive?

The different versions are based on GEO meaning where they are built for the world.


They weren’t made exclusively for B&H as we built them for other locations.

B&H would only have access to the US based one.

Thank you very much for the clarification!