5TB GDrive USB Weird Noises


So I got the 5TB GDrive USB from BH. They seem to be the only one that carry that specific model(s)… See my earlier post here: 5TB GDrive USB BHPhotoVideo Exclusive Product? How to tell which Model number?

One thing that is a bit weird about the 5TB version is that it makes loud noises: https://youtu.be/tH3CLTGQECk

Those noises are from the 5TB GDRIVE USB when it was BRAND NEW. I returned it to BH and got a replacement… same noises. It worked just fine but have no idea if I should be concerned. I ordered another 5TB GDRIVE USB since it was on sale and I simply couldn’t pass it up and the same issue… same noises.

I have two 4TB GDrive USB and they do not make these noises. What would be the explanation of the loud noises in the video from the 5TB that I do no hear from the 4TB? Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Is it a defect of some sort?

Anyone else having this with either the 5TB or any other size of the GDRIVE USB? Or even perhaps the Thunderbolt version? or the USB-C version?


I’m 4TB owner, same here. Regular fast “knocking” whed disk is doing nothing.

Same here, mcuh later now. I’ve my third 10TB drive, still the same problem now with the third one. :frowning: Why the hell…?