5 year old WD My Cloud

The drive seems to be running ok and the quick diagnostic runs ok, but after 5 years should I consider a new one?


Don’t buy any WD product, buy a synology rather.

  1. See the security risks involved in using WD products
  2. MCH lacks basic features and people face problems
    like the ones mentioned in this post:
    Ideas for WD for making MCH better

It might have been your “luck” that your device worked this long, but people have faced many problems and many are paying huge amounts to data recovery services to get their data

Backup Definition (techterms.com)

I have several backups of everything on my main desktop computer. Why? To make sure I don’t lose it.

A low cost USB disk is quick and easy with file history in Windows, no need for more than 2TB unless you personal folders are really stuffed with materials