2 Factor Authentication

I have a question.

I have a My Cloud Home Duo.

Is a app or software available to increase the security with a 2 factor authentication?

Thank you.


Hello Guadagnino74,

I believe that the My Cloud Home mobile app and WD discovery desktop application is the only way to securely login into the My Cloud Home device.

I agree, it is incredibly weak without 2FA / MFA.

Is anyone aware if WD are looking to implement this feature in upcoming firmware / software updates?

Anything new on 2FA/MFA?

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I also wanted to get the solution on two factor authentication on my device. How ever it seems too weak for the breach. ’

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I would love to see 2fa as a feature. All major public cloud players offer this type of security and it surprises me WD My Cloud does not. Would love to hear thoughts from WD staff why they feel it is not needed?


Same as above.
Seems to an older post about the same issue 2 years back…


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i Would also love 2FA, any news ? maybe some third party app?

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