WD can easily make it more secure by Multi-factor authentication

now we log in using only email and password , why not adding one more step like SMS or google authenticator ?
email and passwords are not enough for today’s risks


Hi zander1989,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider this for Security concern.


I really like the concept of My Cloud Home. It is wonderfully easy. But the security is bad without 2-factor authentication. So I do not use it at the moment. Please integrate 2FA!


For a company that makes products that house customer data, two factor authentication is a MUST!! That should have been one of the first features when the My Cloud Home was released. This is a product that holds people’s data and is accessible through the internet and yet there is no option for two factor authentication??? Unbelievable!!!


Our data is exposed to the cloud by just a password, MFA is a must to have some level of security. It would be great to see algo a log activity of someway.


Still nothing happened. I only upload harmless data to the HOME duo because it is too insecure. I’m still waiting a bit otherwise it was my last WD device.

We need 2FA for Google Auth / Authy etc. and logging for the login data.


I have been waiting for this MUST feature for years already. WD confirmed it does not take CYBERSECURITY and CYBERCRIME seriously at all. When I contacted service support they just said they do not share their roadmap in terms of dates nor features… end of the story of a bare minimal customer support, I replied requesting at least confirmation if it was in their product backlog or not (didn’t need any forecast on implementation readiness) but there was no answer at all to my additional request over lack of information initially confirmed.

Consequence: I have encouraged already more than 10 people not to buy WD NAS at all and recommended instead other vendors who takes updates and security seriously. From my side, next investment will be on others, and forget also SSD business from my side (for both: personal and professional consumer).

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I am still waiting for response from Western Digital. Since over a year.
I switched to another manufacturer with more security and better support.

I can not sell the MCH. Nobody wants to have the MCH. I play with it and keep waiting for improvements. I can not understand why they do not integrate 2FA. And a local access to the MCH.

These two things are the most important to me.


WD is the worst, I will warn anyone who plan to buy any of their products to avoid them like the plague. I have only found out now that my data, which was previously locked down only to access via an app I had to install on my computer, is now available online to anyone who has my username and password! WTF?! No 2FA or an other kind of verification?!? I avoided the online data storage like google/dropbox/onedrive to get this kind of ■■■■?! Im have bought a Synology NAS and will be throwing the WD in the bin. Rant over

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Still waiting on two factor authentication (2fa) or additional secure measures like encryption. Would be nice to receive a response from WD team regarding this.

Note. WD support is nothing to be excited about, haven’t received any reply through support case for long time.


any news regarding 2FA ?

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Any updates on this. Atleast please share your priority on this matter rather than ignoring these post…

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Something new with that?

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seems that OS 5 is still not supporting 2FA…wow.

OK Western Digital, the request for Multifactor Authentication has been made for three years, where are you at deploying this capability? There are plenty of Authenticator Applications available to use.

Early 2022. Everyone should have got the email by now.

The new sign in process will be rolled out in early 2022.

New 2FA to authorize your Android phone and your Thinkpad and other devices, at least for the first time after it is activated.

The new sign in experience will first appear in desktop apps, then web apps and finally mobile apps. Your user ID (email address) and password will remain the same. However, you will be signed out and will need to sign in again the first time after the update.