100% CPU, drive lights flashing constantly

I had thought that the flashing drive lights had been fixed. Not so, it’s 24/7. Allied to a very unresponsive dashboard and a very slow transfer of files. Plus near to 100% CPU usage constantly.

This with the latest Firmware update, 1.05.21.

Every page I go to states everything is good, green ticks, etc. What then is making everything slow?

Not what I have been used to with this object. Not good enough, either.

Have you got a USB drive attached?  If so, detach and re-boot.

Otherwise ssh to the device and do a top.  

No USB device is attached, and never has been.

I have been through every page trying to determine why the lights flash constantly. Can find nothing allied to it, and yes, Media Server is Off.

This is a real problem. Sometimes file additions work immediately, and at other times can take minutes before any action occurs. This has only started very recently, and with green ticks on Diagnostics and Firmware. CPU at the same time shows 100%, with RAM at ca 50%.

This situation has never changed in several days.

Hello there,

We have passed this along to support. 

Thank you, but no word from them so far!

The problem persists, and sometimes transfer of files can take 15 minutes or more, even if under a MB.

Why the lights flash is impossible for me to determine, still . . . .

have you SSH’ed to the drive and looked at the CPU loading?

SSH Top command, after enabling SSH in Settings/Network. Does not actually tell me much, since I cannot find a command to dril into this.

I have also discovered that, after a few hours, the EX4 becomes unresponsive. However, if I am sending it files then, after a while, the EX4 becomes more responsive. Even though the lights are flashing and the CPU 100% drops a little and then tops out again.

Phone call from WD asked me to try a System Restore.

Have done that, and nothing has changed, except that I now have to determine how to re-enter the code for all of the wandering pieces. The smartphone WD app, for example, does not appear to have anywhere to alter the access code.

You have lots of Apache HTTP servers consuming resource.  I’ve had a qucik look at the ocnfig file:


  • try turning IPV6 off from the GUI (Settings/Network) and see what happens.

iPV6 has never been on.

Plus, deleted the My Cloud app on every device and reinstalled, which then allowed me to activate them. Should be easier!

Ok. Try disabling the Cloud access and see if the Apache Web servers start to behave.

This image shows the httpd Apache process, that arrives when I’m doing absolutely nothing with the machine, other than using the Dashboard.

Reading about this process via the internet, I see that it is a common fault with settings with Apache. Since I have updated to the latest firmware, and it did not fix the problem, I cannot find where the process arrives, or alter it.

There is an RMA for the EX4 in the future, but in the meantime, I had problems with it today.

Firstly, on one computer, Explorer would become numb when I tried to right click on a folder on the EX4. It would wake up but then it would tell me that the network might be down.

Therefore, go to another computer, open Explorer, and right click and the EX4 would open. The previous computer would eventually have Explorer awake and I could send files to the EX4.

Then, because I had copied the same file twice to see what happened, I went to the other computer and easily deleted it.

Then, having several dozen files to copy to my various peripherals/computers, I found that the EX4 slowly wakes up to become reasonably quick to operate. This whilst the flashing blue lights are reflected on certain screens . . . but the same failing will occur later on and the same cycle happen.

Here we go again:

Every morning, or after any reasonable length of time.

Did you turn off Cloud Access as I suggested?

Cloud Access turned off: same problem, so turned it back on again, since I CAN access the EX4 from elsewhere.

Interesting.Snarfed the following from Stackoverflow:

“Apache will pre-create worker processes so, when a load spike comes in, the processes can pick up the requests immediately, instead of waiting for the master to spawn enough of them. Check your httpd.conf for MinSpareServers, MaxSpareServers and ServerLimit.”

Just how many apache processes do you have running?

ps -ef | grep httpd

If its more than 4 or 5, you might consider tuning the above settings down a bit. And if you don’t typically have many users snarfing data from your NAS I’d be wondering why there are so many connections. You could:

netstat -nap

to get a list of active IP connections. You might find your NAS is being hit by search engine bots. You might find its being attacked.

Of 70 plus processes, httpd runs 18 to 20.

Trying to SSH to the EX4 fails because password wrong! Which I have never altered and know what it is . . .

This is Device Activity from the dashboard:


Updating firmware to 1.05.30 to see what will happen!

Nothing has, the flashing blue LEDs continue, even after a further reboot.

The lights still flash!

WD had apparently sent, via UPS, a replacement. This never arrived, and then when I told them that, a replacement would be sent. Except that it hasn’t been, because WD doesn’t have an EX4 drive case. So, where did the returned item go?

Not particularly happy about this, because I cannot see a similar object that they would send me, as they have offered, to suit my requirements.