1 TB Storage Amount is Not Correct

Why does my WD 1 TB External Drive indicate it is backing up 8.86 GB of data and the WD Quick View indicates it is 79% used? 8.86 GB is not 79% of 1 TB. Can anyone please explain which is correct?

Thank you!

shuz…almost 9GB is a lot of data being backed up which would indicate why you are at 79% full. You must be doing a Immediate backup to be able to watch the indication of the 8.86G number. Passport DOES NOT have any kind of Log file with backup statistic…sad!

  • are you using a Passport backup or a Win Backup & Restore or File History backup. I hear that the Win backup do a whole system initially then incremental updates, then cycle back to a full process weekly…got this from a forum poster.
  • when you set up your backup schedule, did you select the folders/files, or did you just accept the default
  • do you backup on a schedule or choose to Backup Now action, also, If 9GB is being done, you will definite have a space problem. Review your tree structure of your backup…what folders/files are being identified
  • knowing what’s being backed up is probably the key to your question.
  • now this is something I’ve recently been posting…using a App that will review your disk statistics…for me, I tried a free PC pgm called Treesize…the free one is fine initially. I was shocked to see, not only the sizes of each folder but the number of files contained. After letting it run, you can open the Folder tree to expand each folder and see how size/number changes… in you 1TB, you will be wonder why certain folders have tons of stuff. Yesterday, I deleted almost 4 million individual pointer files that were stored in my History and Volume() backup folders. Associated with AppData…local…Mozilla…cache2/entries. These are daily cache files that Mozilla creates from web browsing…If you use Mozilla, thousands could be stored daily on your PC (you need to Clear cache often)…that could end up in you Passport backup…especially if you backup the Default or all of you PC named high level folder. Using Treesize, or any other program is an eye-opener…at least for my and I’m sure for you.
  • after you get a clear pic of the Tree statistics, you can go on to the next step…either doing a more selected backup of folders or deleting unwanted backups on the 1T…my millions of file was only 50G, but it made the statistic not look as bad. I use the Win Snip App to capture the expanded Tree. Couldn’t find one in the App so that I could print.

Thank you for your assistance!

skuz…glad to help just a bit…I’m a 6mo user of Passport and started to look at the files stored on the Backup…I to have the 1T device.

Just did another Treesize and was expanding the folder… Did major clean-up yesterday. My backup.swstor folder (both Volume and History folders) reduced from 4.5million down to 250 thousand, about 50G of space. Just deleted the AppData…mozilla…cache2/entries in both… I also changed my schedule to not backup the AppData.

At what point in the process do you see the actual space being backed up. Is it when the Backup App is visible because you initiate the actual backup directly from the open App? If you run a scheduled backup, the Passport Does Not create any Log file of the incremental process…couldn’t find and WD chat support indicated the same…Rotten tomato!

Thanks again! I have some work to do.