Zyxel NAS music folders transfer to WD EX2 Ultra

Hi everyone

If I am asking this in the wrong forum then you know my level of understanding of NAS.

I have my music library of 1400 album folders ( 320Gb size ) on a Zyxel NAS310 and I’m now wanting to move this to my new MyCloud EX2 Ultra.

Do I just Copy & Paste from the NAS310 to the Public Music Folder on the EX2 Ultra?

My two concerns are:

  1. Is this the quickest smoothest way to transfer the data?

  2. I use Sonos HiFi system, is the Public Folder the best place to place my music collection so my Sonos can access the music collection?

Thanks in advance for any advice and tips.

Yes, the simple method to copy files from one NAS to another is to just access files on Windows Explorer and copy these files to another NAS device. That means, data back to your HDD on a PC or an USB 3.0 drive connected to the PC and then after that from the PC directly to the WDMC

And, Mostly Sonos system can access Public Folder of Music Collection easily.