Zappo TV (Android App) is great for WDTV


i have a Windows XP laptop (without admin permissions) and an Android tablet (rooted)

I was wondering for a long time if there was any way to push content to WDTV from my latop or tablet but couldnt figure out a way – i was limited to using the “Services” provided o the EDTV live SMP itself

I admint i am not exactly a tech expert and I could not understand all requirements around setting up uPnP

I came across “Zappo TV” – i just installed the app on my android tablet – and it was able to simply connect to the device and let me push online content (you tube, video podcasts, shoutcast radio, photos from picasa flickr and facebook) to my TV screen through WDTV. I can also control the volume and seek to any point in the you tube video instantly using this app --something that was impossible to do otherwise! (try seeking to 1 hour or midway into a movie on youtube using wdtv.)

I dont think there is a way to “queue” content though …anything you select will start playing immediately and replace the content that is playing currently

I like it so far though the UI is minimal (looks designed for a phone)

any idea on similar apps?

(I installed Twonky Beam android app but it somehow culdnt push any content to my device)

what protocol / technology does this app use to connect to WDTV over wifi?

why cant WDTV itself release iOS and Android apps that let us more effectively control the device from our phones and tablets? (the remote app is just a replica of the hardware remote)


With a 3rd party program that allows you to locally access shared folders on the network you should be able to do it.