YouTube signing out after rebooting

I like to unplug my WD TV from the outlet for two reasons:

  1. To save money from my monthly energy bill.
  2. To save my device from brown outs (they happen a lot).

But then, every time I use Youtube, after booting, I have to turn on my PC, go to youtube/active and write the code. Is there a way to “permanently” sign in to youtube. I used to do this all the time with the Live Plus, and I didn’t have that disadvantage. But then again with the Live Plus I couldn’t let a youtube video finish, unless I wanted to wait 5 minutes every time for the obligatory and automatic re-booting. Any constructive opinion or advice will be much appreciated.


Have you tried just turning the unit off? instead of unplugging the unit you can turn it completely off by holding the power button for 5+ seconds.

Thanks a ton, will try that. But anyway, if the power goes out and comes back again it will probably turn on the SMP automatically. I’ll check.

Ok, Youtube doesn’t sign out. So, great thanks.