Youtube HD

Hi everyone,

I know there was already a Topic about this. But I haven’t found a way to comment it since it may be closed already.

As an average user of Youtube, I like watching videos there in HD.

I’ve read that the Western Digital players cannot stream Youtube in HD due to Youtube terms.

However, I know now several devices that are being able to see contents in HD.

  • The Popcorn players (ex : Popcorn A 300) where you can select btw 360, 480, 720p and 1080p. This is a main competitor to the Western   

  • SONY TVs (models from 2011) got a firmware update to do this. It is now possible to switch btw SD and HD while viewing a content

  •     French IPTVs set top box (ex ISP : “Free” which has now around 5M subscribers), i’m french.

  •     Google box’s

  •     Smartphones, through applications like (iMediaShare)

    and I don’t for other products but i guess we can found many others with this.

I’ve just bought the WD TV live knowing this limitation. However I deeply request WD team to reconsider their judgement.

Why other brands can do it or have the right to do it and not WD?

Now High Speed internet is getting very common in US, Europe and Asia. User want to enjoy HD content for sure.

Thank you

ps: please do not close this thread too quickly and let the users debate on this. Thx

This is something that must of us want to have, but it is not like WD does not want to give to us, this is a limitation of Youtube, please, notice that most of the devices that you listed are relative new.

With WDLXTV firmware you can play HD youtube videos, so I would not assume it is a Youtube limitation.

I think the YouTube HD video works on WDTV Live if you choose the 2nd YouTube selection under “Services” tab. The first one is YouTube Videos and the 2nd one is YouTube. Under YouTube, it has a good HD video presentation. However, it does not have subscriptions like the one in YouTube Videos, which makes it not useful at all.

I think if competitors allow it, WD should work on it too.

The only problem would be that competitors ignore Youtube terms whereas WD not.