You don't have permission to access

Could anybody help me set up this drive please?

I’m on a Mac (in fact two, one runs an older OS the other is up to date 10.15.7)

Drive plugged in and powered up with blue light.

But when I try and access through the WD page i get …


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

It’s the first time the drive has been used and although not brand new was out of a sealed box inner and outer.

I can see the drive in the network window ‘Apple+k’. won’t let me connect as I guess i’m not set as a user?

And if I use the WD web page I get access denied.

Any clues, tips or advice please?

Sorry - no solution but I have a similar issue.
In my case I was able to get to the dashboard via a browser until yesterday. That’s more than 4 years of access with no issues.
Today I get the same message when I access the URL http://wdmycloudex2/ or wdmycloudex2. I am on Windows 10 and usually use Chrome but the same error msg appears with Firefox and IE.
Conversely I can still see and access files in the Explorer view. I’m mapped to //wdmycloudex2/ rather than a drive letter.
Any ideas?

While awaiting an answer to this I checked the following article

This contained a solution for me - switch off the NAS device, wait 30 seconds, switch back on, wait 20 minutes. I had to wait a while during the reboot.