Yet another playlist question

Hi All,

I’ve trawled through the forum looking for help in creating a .m3u playlist for my WD TV Live device.

Now, I can create a playlist okay and am using a relative path.  This is working fine except for a few playlists that I have where music is stored across two different hard drives…

Is there a way to use a relative path and move up the change then change to the other drive letter - or just change to the other drive letter and navigate to the other folder location?

if I use something like …/…/…/cd C:\path\filename it plays fine if I open the playlist in winamp or something like that but not in WD TV…  I’ve tried many variations without success.  Oh and it’s now 0130 here in oz - time for sleep.

Hopefully someone can offer some assistance - I’m thinking that maybe it just won’t allow different drive locations in the one playlist file.

Thanks in advance.

Okay, so after a good nights sleep - decided the best thing was to move the purchased iTunes items from their default folder to the same drive as the rest of my music.  Not too hard really and now it’s all working as expected.

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