Yet Another "No Media Found"

 I have a Windows Vista machine that contains 3 hard drives (C, F, J). I have all of them shared as I use this PC as a “server” so to speak.

The WD Live Plus (WDLP) see’s all of these drives, but I can only access media from C and then only from the public folders…

When I try to access the other drives I get the “no media found” error…I have tried sharing the whole drive and leaving the media in the root, as well as putting them in a foder and sharing the folder…but when I do that, it doesn’t even let me browse the drive.

Any ideas?

It’s most likely a PERMISSIONS problem on the files or folders within the share.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any Vista machines at the moment to tell you how to walk through that.

Someone else will hopefully be able to guide you through it.

In the mean time, please check the Knowledge Base article HERE:

Had the same problem in 7, finally  the quickest way to fix it was to grant the “everyone” read/write permissions to every folders you want shared. That did it immediately. It`s not a good idea though to share the root folder.

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