Yep, 1st post is a newbie question :)

Just bought my 1st WD external drive (1TB My Book Elite yay!)

The LCD display does not display anything. It doesn’t even come on. Did I miss something in the install? Is there a setting I didn’t turn on?

Ok… The WD Smartware won’t fully install. It gets about 2 minutes out of the 7 into the install and then I hear the wonderful error “deedoo” sound for windows and it closes the window for install…

mate mine has screwed up after only 3mths & I rarely using it cosing me several thousand dollars in my dj mixing music, screw WD mate everyone has the same problem they just rip off everyone

The LCD display should have something on it. However, it doesn’t fully function until the SmartWare software is installed on the system. The SmartWare software relies on the Windows .NET Framework. Make sure that you have all of the latest Windows updates by visiting the update site. You should install all of the required and I would install the optional updates that apply to the .NET.

There are some programs that may possibly conflict with the SmartWare software. One of the program is the Sonic/Roxio burning software. This software installs a driver that can try to force itself on the hardware and make SmartWare not work or the system crash. This usually only applies to older version of Sonic/Roxio, from what I’ve saw it has been fixed in the newest version. Another thing that you can try is if you have an NVIDIA video card, make sure that you have the latest driver and software update from their site.

Why does my PC crash with a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) when installing a WD (+ SmartWare) external drive on a system running Sonic DLA?