Yellow light blinking

Hello, I have set my EX2 to have all LEDs turned off. All of the LEDs are turned off and stay like that when the NAS is connected to my router.

However, when the NAS is not connected to anything or in my case directly to my smart TV via cable, the LED from power is blinking yellow and doesn’t stop even if the NAS is in sleep mode.

There are no faults on the HDDs, not network. The LED stops only when the NAS is waking up.

I think this was overlooked somehow in the firmware and if i set all the LEDs to be turned off, then it should stay like that., no ?

I know that a yellow color means network cable unplugged, but this is not the case here.

A condition, such as a network cable has

become unplugged, which requires you to


please advise. thank you

Hello there, it is advised to connect the unit to a router o a switch since directly connected to a TV its highly unlikely that it will get an IP address, but by the behaviour that the unit is showing it might be because it does not have an IP address assigned to it.