XQD Card reader

Hello, will the Passport Wireless Pro work with a Sony or Lexar XQD card reader so i can download the XQD cards via the USB connection ?


The Passport Wireless Pro currently supports the devices found in the article below. New devices are added through firmware updates. These updates can be found in the release notes when new firmware is released.

Count me in as another user that needs Sony XQD support (any quality XQD reader would be OK, but there’s not a lot of them that I’m aware of)

Having recently purchased a Nikon D850 I’m now a bit dismayed to find out that My Passport Wireless won’t support my XQD card reader, as it’s invaluable to me when travelling and on location shooting weddings. Such big files that I’m keen to protect as my back-up. Hopefully it will be sorted soon via an update?

I find it extremely hard to believe that a product that’s targeting photographers as a compact, store your images safely in the field without having to carry a laptop doesn’t support the xqd card format. WHY… xqd format is used by many professional wildlife photographers using Nikon pro equipment and needing fast storage in the field.
So why has WD designed the most advanced portable storage system for all our images to be quickly transferred onto in the field without including a warning notice reminding us… When shooting on XQD cards don’t forget the laptop.

It’s apparently just undocumented. In the thread link at the bottom of the post, several users have reported using the backup solution with a USB XQD reader. If you just need XQD 2.0 support (since I believe an SD card slot is included in the WD hardware), I would recommend the Sony QDA-SB1 - it retails for $30 USD and includes a two foot USB extension cable so you aren’t putting stress directly on the male USB port of the reader.

XQD Backup Solutions thread on DPReview


Using the Wireless Pro 2TB:
I haven’t seen any other threads regarding the XQD cards; I can confirm that it can at least read the QDA-SB1/J reader with a 128GB card in it.
However; each time I attempt to import the card, it’ll get about 2-3gb into the transfer than all of the lights begin to flash and the drive becomes a brick. It can’t be accessed via the Web Interface nor the mobile app, and I can’t restart or turn it off. I have to wait about thirty minutes, then it calms down and either shuts off on it’s own or I can attempt to manually turn it off.

It does appear to ingest some of the images, but not all since it stops the transfer pretty early on.
Is this device actually only limited for 32GB cards as listed in the compatibility chart? If so, this device is useless for me. I can’t use a 32GB card with a D850 while shooting a wedding…

On another note; I’ve attempted to run the ‘diagnostics’ on the device, each time it stops around 95% then disconnects, so I can’t even attempt to reach support via their support button either.

I bought my passport wireless ssd because I need fast solution to backup SD and XQD card as wedding photographer and i was disappointed when I find out that i have tou use USB 2.0 to download XQD card.
which is extremlly slow way. I tried to connect card reader via USB 3.0 Interface (USB Type-A) but than card simms to be not recognized.
Is it any way that we could work around this and enable fast transfer via USB 3.0 Interface (USB Type-A) by softwer update or any other way ???
Slow transfer via USB 2.0 port make this drive unusable for many photographers.