XML titles delayed? Not showing?

I posted this in another thread, but not sure if it was just specific to using WDTVHubGen.

When I used WDTVHubGen to create XML files for my ripped TV shows, I noticed that when you highlight a file, the actual file name displays for a few milliseconds then the actual XML title is displayed. Is this normal?

I only ask this because with XML files I download for movies using the WD default method, I don’t notice any kind of delay in showing the actual XML title.

Also, I noticed that when you hit the ok button while a file is playing, it shows the file name and not the title. Is this also normal? I noticed the XML files for my TV shows don’t produce the fields “prevtitle” like my movie XML files show. Could this have something to do with it?

It’s normal if those XML files aren’t imported into the media library, or if your content source is not My Media Library.

That’s just it Tony, my content source is selected on My Media Library so I wouldn’t understand why it would do this. My file structure is:


                          >>>TV Series>>>Show 1>>>Season 1

Other than that, I just don’t know why my movie XML titles work fine and my TV series XML files are acting weird.

Then it’s the FIRST thing I mentioned… the XML is not being imported INTO the media library database.

You can try RESCANNING the containing folder (OPTIONS / RESCAN)

Or do a REBOOT  (which forces a rescan of the whole share)  (SETUP / SYSTEM / DEVICE RESTART)

Or do a Clear Media Library (which forces a complete REBUILD of the Media Library)  (SETUP / SYSTEM / MEDIA LIBRARY / Clear Media Library)

Thanks for that. Cleared the media library then a reset for good measure did remove the delay and now the XML titles show when hitting OK during playback.

Of course now my problem is with the order the episodes are appearing in. :confounded: This **bleep** device is more sensitive than a pregnant woman when it comes to trying to do the simplest thing with it!

I have my episodes labeled as: Title of Show - S01E01.mp4 and I have a folder with 16 episodes. It showing episode 10-16 first, then episodes 1-9.

I was reading another thread stating that disabling the Media Library in settings would put my files back in order and it does. However, I’m back to where I started with my problem of XML title delays and not showing up with the OK button. FML!

Any idea? I want to punch this thing!

EDIT: Nevermind. I needed to make sure my titles in my XML files had a zero in front of titles 1-9. Looks ugly, but at least it works. Get on the ball WD! This is quite annoying!

The episodes will sort correctly if you use the TV Show filter.

It’s odd, but when I use the episodes filter, it says it cannot find any files. It must have something to do with the XML files I’m assuming?

Anyway, they are in order now, but having to use so many different filters for different options is just terrible.

I guess HubGen didn’t create the files as TV-show XML files.   TV Show XML is different than Movie XML.