XML error: mismatched tag at line 157

when i try to access the interface, i get this error message.

i own wd my book world edition network hard drive 1tb.

wd support seems not to be able to help me out. i have tried many browsers, networks, power sticks, cables and so on. they even said try to update the firmware, but without the possibility of getting to the interface, i cant do that (unless there is another way) even resetting it doesnt help.

any ideas???



With an XML error like that it sounds like there is a problem with the drive itself and the unit needs to be replaced. You can try a different computer or browser like you mentioned just to make sure that it is an issue related to the computer or browser. However, if you still get the error, it sounds like the drive needs to be replaced because of a problem with the firmware or service that controls the Network Storage Manager.