XLX file sharing violation error

How to solve xlx file sharing violation error, xlx file are not being saved in the shared folder with mycloud, its showing “file can not be saved due to sharing violation” ):
Thanks in advance

What application are you using where you get the sharing violation error?

Typically when one gets a sharing violation it typically means the file may already be open and or in use by another program or other computer.

I am using wd sync app and it showing error with Microsoft Excel.
But there is no chance of already open or in use by another program or computer unless wd sync is synchronizing it ):

Excel sometimes leaves file locks in place, especially if it crashes.

BTW, did you mean XLX, or did you mean XLSX? I don’t think XLX is an Excel file. Google tends to agree.

Sorry XLSX :slight_smile:

Has anyone used longpath tool?