Xbox Live and FasTrack+

I’ve got the N900 setup and tried to do some online gaming via Xbox Live (wired connection)

I found my connection ground almost to a halt, even disconnecting periodically. It was unusable. I then disabled FasTrack and it worked flawlessly. I’d like to take advantage of FasTrack+ and still be able to enjoy Xbox Live though. What should I do?

Note: not much else was going on on my network at the time to **bleep** up any bandwidth. 

Have you verified that the WAN bandwidth setting is correct?

no, how do I know what number to enter there?

Put in whatever your internet upload speed is.

To determine it fairly reliably, you can temporarily turn OFF FastTrack QoS.

Then go to

and run the test.

Note the UPLOAD speed.

Then re-enable FastTrack, and put that number there.

For example above, my uplink speed is 40 Megabits per second.  So I put in 40,000 Kilobits per second.

Unfortunately that didn’t improve things

A couple questions:

  1. When your connection becomes slow is it slow for all computers on the network or just the Xbox?

  2. What game(s) are you playing when this happens?

  3. Does it happen only when playing an online game. So, if you stop playing online the connection goes back to normal?

I don’t have the N900, but I have the N750 with FasTrack enabled and have not had any problems.

This is a bit strange.  I use the N900 in my house (7 ethernet ports ftw btw lol), and I haven’t noticed this issue with Xbox Live.  I usually only play Madden or NBA2k12 though.  What games are you playing?  Maybe that has something to do with it?  Nonetheless, we will definately look into it.  Make sure you are on the latest firmware.

Mostly just Ghost Recon Future Soldier, but Xbox Live in general is even slow to log in with FT+ on.

What number did you put into the FasTrack+ box, as shown above in my picture?

990 Kbps

That’s pretty freakin’ slow!

Are you sure that number is correct?

Mine says its autodetecting 512Kbps and I have a 5MB upload on my cable model, is that correct?  If not what do I need to put there to optimize that setting?

I have the N900 Central with 2 tb hdd.  I am having the same problem on Xbox live.  I noticed it with COD MW3.  When I put my linksys router back in everything works fine.  Any help would be great…

I have a 900 Central, I play XBOX Live, play BF3 and a lot of shooters online, I have not noticed any lag at all.

Now, I have the ports of xbox live forwarded in my router. After reading this post, I did a few tests:

1- BF3 ( this is the game that I play most) and PC streaming some videos, Netflix.

 No lag in BF3, played smoothly and no issues with Netflix, tried both, wired connection (from one of the ports in the back of the 900C) and wireless, with the wireless, I noticed that It took a bit longer to connect to the servers, but once the game started, no lag.

2-GR, soldier of future and downloading some files from the net (…Some files…Torrents) a bit of lag, nothing big, I was able to adapt and the lag did not make the game unplayable.

3-BF3 and downloading some files (again, torrents) lag, but I was expecting this, as the torrents were taking a lot of bandwidth, I limited a bit the download/upload rate in the program and I was able to play BF3 at a tolerable level ( got killed with shotguns in the **bleep** scrapple metal map…HATE that map)

4-NFS on the run ( I know I know, it was a gift…) , here, the game was lag free, I was streaming in the computer and then tried with downloading few files, still the game ran lag free.

5-Saints Row the third and netflix, here, I have lag, to the point that kicked my co-op friend off the game.

Once again, I have the ports of the Xbox Live service forwarded in the modem, I don’t know if this make any difference. Also, I have the router in AP (access point)

I, too, am having the same problem.  I recently bought the N900 because of the 7 LAN ports and 2 USB ports (would’ve been nicer if the blue one was USB 3.0).  I have my XBox wired (as well as my satellite receiver for VOD, Blu Ray, and Desktop CPU…need additional space for new rec room with second XBox and Blu Ray coming in less than a month).  I, too, had an older Linksys router which never gave me an issue on the XBox server.  I got the N900 up and running this weekend and I am constantly being disconnected when playing online…even when I am sitting idle on Xbox Live (reconnects within a few seconds).  I have nothing else running at this time and firmware has been completely updated.

I hooked up my old Linksys and it worked again no problem.  I put the N900 back on and tried turning off FasTrack, and that also seemed to work on XBox live (played MW3) without issue.  I pay for the highest speed possible with my ISP so speed coming in isn’t a problem.  I also use Cat 6 throughout my house.

I now have 25 days to determine if I am going to keep this router or return it (30 day return policy).  If anyone has any ideas how to resolve this so that FasTrack is working with XBox Live, I would love to hear it before I change routers.