Xbox Doesnt Reconize WD 1TB passport essential se usb 2.0

i have a fantom 233gb hd that is formatted to FAT32 and it works perfect with the xbox…but i purchased a WD 1TB paasport essential SE and it will not work. i figure its because its not FAT32 formatted. so my question is how do i format the drive or even just part of the drive to FAT32…oh and im running windows 7 as well.

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so pretty much i cant format it without ruining it? thats what it sounds like and furthermore i cant even format more than 32gb and in doing so that will be the “new” capacity of my drive?

Try something like this 



No… you can make FAT32 formatted partition even bigger as 1TB with third party utilities. Passport SE’s are delicate piece of equipments that brake easily if used for application like yours.

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