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This device has worked steadily and constitantly for years. I finally got a new compter after years of struggling with my dinosaur, the only problem I am having is that Windows 7 home premium x64 is not recognizing the USB device. the S/N: is wmank40507017 model number is in the name. I tried to find a solution on the windows website that was an excersize in futility and head banging against a wall. The device will Beep that its connected, the tell me driver install failed, the tell me device is not recognized, it will then repeat the first and last steps over and over and over again, until I unplug the device, thier is not even an option to unplug the device safely. Also I can hear the drive spin up and the arms reference themselves.

the only other suggestion I have gotten from tech buddies is disassemble the drive and hook the HD up to a desktop ( I have a laptop) and pull the data off it that way. But I do not have a tower or access to one.

If anyone has suggestions or trouble shooting I can try please let me know. I am fairly tech savvy  but I am no master.

The only thing written on the back of this infernal device, is the model number and the fourthe from last digit is either a captial I a lower case l or one the line that is the shift+= |. if i type any of these into the WD website i get nothing, so unless I can use the serial number to tell I am up sh** creek without a paddle.

Now I also Tried to run Knoppix and get it to interface thier, but it did not even recognize the drive existed. If someone anyone can help me out here that would be awesome.

Forgot to put the model number. WD M/D: WD2500|032